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Welcome to the Niagara Circle Route where it's about the journey and the destination. 

Spanning over 140 km in length, the Niagara Circle Route is made up of mostly paved trails through the scenic Niagara region. These trails are great for walking, running, cycling or rollerblading. The paved sections of the trail are three metres wide and pass through urban centres, downtowns, the Niagara Escarpment, waterfronts and agricultural areas. Whether you’re a Niagara native looking to improve your overall health and wellbeing or on vacation looking for a free attraction, we look forward to seeing you out on the trails. Get outside, get active and find yourself exploring Niagara.

Welland Canal Parkway Trail (42 Km)

The second longest segment of the Niagara Circle Route. This section of the trail stretches from Port Colborne through St. Catharines. Along this path you will have breathtaking views of enormous cargo ships within the Welland Canal. While passing though multiple locks and bridges and traversing the escarpment visitors will be able to experience the views of the Niagara escarpment and many rives and waterways within Niagara’s Greenbelt territory.

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Waterfront Trail (18 km)

The waterfront trail extends far beyond the Niagara Circle Route. On this route, The Waterfront Trail acts as a connection between the Welland Canal Parkway Trail and the Niagara River Recreation Trail. This will allow explorers to experience famous agricultural lands and vineyards, as well as views of Toronto over one of southern Ontario’s pristine Great Lakes via the trails many waterfront paths.

Niagara River Recreation Trail (56 Km)

The Niagara River Recreation Trail is the longest independent trail on the Niagara Circle Route. It spans from Niagara on the Lake to Fort Erie. On this segment of the Niagara circle route you will continue to be greeted with wineries while being accompanied with vies of the powerful Niagara River. Your journey will take you though the hustling and upbeat city of Niagara Falls. Once in the historic location of Fort Erie, visitors will get to experience views over the Niagara River to our neighbours in Buffalo New York.

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Friendship Trail (24 Km)

The friendship trail Spans across the base of Fort Erie, giving opportunities for visitors to enjoy time on sandy beaches across the length of Fort Erie. Those traveling on foot or by bike will be able to experience their adventuring in a leisurely way as this segment is mostly paved with virtually no changes in elevation.

Trail Highlights

Arial view of Fort Erie


On the Greater Niagara Circle Route, you will get the chance to experience Niagara in all its beauty. Not only is The Greater Niagara Circle Route a safe way to explore the community, you will enjoy Niagara’s many historical, agricultural, natural and technologic features. Traverse through Niagara’s vast landscape nestled between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.

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Explorers will pass through friendly cities and quiet towns with award winning businesses that cater to those who chose to explore our region. With many destinations such as hotels, wineries and restaurants, you will never be without a place to stay. Support areas such as bike tuning areas and water fountains will ensure you have a place to rest and hydrate during your journey.

Queen Vctoria park with falls in the background


The Greater Niagara Circle Route is close in proximity to many significant sites and attractions! Check out our interactive map to learn more about these featured attractions.

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